FQL450+BSE4525 Manual film soap seal and photo frame shrink Tableware wrapping machine

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Model FQL-450 
Voltage 220V 380V/ 50~60Hz
Packing Speed 6~12 times/min
Conveying weight 10kg
Heating Power 1.2kw
Max Wrapping Size 45*55cm
Max packing height 15cm
Applicable films PE,PVC, POF, PP
Machine Weight 120kg
Dimension 143*83*63cm
Model BSE4525
Voltage 220V 380V/ 50~60Hz 
Conveying Speed 1~10m/min
Conveying weight 20kg
Heating Power 6kw
Max Wrapping Size 40*20cm 
Shrink tunnel size 900mm*450mm*250mm
Applicable films PE,PVC, POF, PP
Machine Weight 90kgs
Dimension 120*60*135cm