Commercial Double Use Meat Mincer and Food Slicer,Sausage Meat Grinder

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Rotating speed
190 r/min
220 r/min
220 V/110 V
1.2 kw

Use and care instructions

1. Check if the power supply voltage meets the requirements before use. The power supply should have a grounded triangular socket and a solid grounding wire before use.

2. First clean the parts of the machine into contact with the food. After plugging in the power supply, turn on the switch and move the clutch on the clutch handle to make the machine run normally (the slight friction of the blade is heard to be the best position when running). Please note that the blade nut cannot be rotated too tight during operation. If it is too tight, it will burn the blade and the orifice plate.

3, if the meat is not smooth, the appearance of a paste may be caused by the following reasons:

A, the large nut is too loose, causing poor contact between the cross knife and the orifice plate, and readjusting

B cross knife is too blunt, need to change or repair

4, cleaning should be careful not to pour water onto the motor to prevent the motor from getting wet. When cleaning the meat grinder, unscrew the large nut and take out the orifice plate and the cross knife, then loosen the handball to prepare the meat barrel and take out the auger to clean it. Please note that all bearings in the cleaning process are not allowed to enter the water.