Automatic High Efficiency Capsule Polisher Machine Metal Capsule And Tablet Polishing Machine

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The capsule polishing machine has the characteristics of novel mechanism, simple operation, easy cleaning, high polishing efficiency and good cleanliness. All parts in contact with the drug are made of stainless steel, and the sanitary conditions of the equipment comply with GMP standards. Capsules and tablets can be polished while
removing empty shells and broken pouches. This machine is equipped with an all-stainless steel vacuum cleaner and does not require other vacuum equipment. The negative pressure type waste disposal device is used, and the environment is not polluted.


 Model ACPM-7000-A-S
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Production Efficiency 7000pcs/min
Machine Power 0.18KW
Vacuum 2.7m3/min
Machine Size 1300*500*1200mm
Machine Weight 68KG


Machine Picture: