VF-3015L RAYCUS Fully Enclosed Intelligent CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine With Switching Desktop

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VF-30 optical fiber laser cutting machine Introduction

The VF-30 numerical control fiber large-format laser cutting machine adopts the gantry structure type with large section and high rigidity frame beam and special rail base; the double motor double-sided rack and pinion drive has the characteristics of stable structure, good rigidity and high speed. The large-section and high-rigidity frame beam has the characteristics of light weight and dynamic response. Transmission components such as gearbox, guide rail and rack and pinion are all well-known brands both at home and abroad. The gantry large-section high-rigid frame structure and the rack-and-pinion transmission ensure the transmission. High-speed positioning, fast dynamic response and good stability of the device. VF-30 CNC fiber large-format laser cutting machine adopts well-known brand fiber lasers at home and abroad, which can meet the cutting requirements of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates, especially medium and thick plates, providing users with powerful cutting ability and Efficiency, configuration of professional laser numerical control system, making VF-30 CNC fiber large-format laser cutting machine become an advanced large-format laser cutting machine integrating high stability, high precision, high power, high performance and high speed.

Scope of Application:

Products suitable:Sheet metal processing, rounding, punching, precision cutting, suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal materials processing.



1.Servo double drive gantry structure: bridge gantry structure, rack guide rail transmission,centralized lubrication device, easy maintenance; 

2.Stable and practical: the reinforced welded bed body, the vibration aging stress can be eliminated by high temperature tempering, and the deformation difference of the machine can be controlled at + / - 0.02mm. 

3.Industrial aesthetic appearance design: exported to European and American standards, aesthetic appearance design, simple atmosphere; 

4.The operation is simple and easy to use: the numerical control laser cutting system used by over 20,000 users is the world's leading technology. The operation is flexible and simple, with the function of laser power adjustment, which can guarantee the cutting quality and the operation is simple and convenient. 

5.High-quality cutting: the optical fiber automatic focus plane cutting head can be effectively and accurately adjusted to the required cutting focus according to different equipment requirements of customers, so as to achieve better cutting effect; 

6.High efficiency material saving: it is used for cutting metal sheet of standard specification, saving time and material. 7.Fiber laser: adopt the laser, stable and reliable, performance guarantee.


Working size
1500*3000mm(Switch desktop)
1500*4000mm(Switch desktop)
Maximum running speed
Laser type
Fiber laser
Laser wavelength
Machine tool positioning accuracy
Repetition accuracy
Cutting thickness
0.2~20mm(according to the material and the laser power)
Laser power
380V 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum load of working platform
Machine dimensions
Machine weight
Cooling method
Water cooling