Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Paper,Plastic Laser Cutting Machine

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1. Electric up and down working table.
2. Honey comb working table.
3. Exhaust fan.
4. Digital control panel, easy operation.
5. Corellaser control system: It is more stable than MOSHI control system.
6. Full 50W/60W/80W laser power, long service life, if operate the machine correctly and maintain well, it can reach 5000 hours.
7. Water protecting sensor and alarm: Laser will stop working if the water cooling system is not working.
8. Red light position function: to make position more accurate.
9. Blowing flame retardant: to make dedusting and cooling for laser head, to prevent burning.
10. Professional factory, excellent after sale service.

Applicable materials:Wood,MDF,acrylic,plastic,plexiglass,crystal,stone,leather,fabric,rubber,paper and other non-metal materials.

Applicable industry:The machine is applied for plexiglass, rubber sheet, mold, crafts, advertising decoration, portraits, toy and other industries.