fr 900 continuous band sealer bag sealing machine ,continous band sealer plastic bags,vertical band sealer machine

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fr 900 continuous band sealer bag sealing machine  ,continous band sealer plastic bags,vertical band sealer machine

The Band sealer machine can be made horizontally and vertically .This sealing machine has two materials, one is spray paint and the other is stainless steel. Continuous sealing ,automatic conveying. Conveyor has blue and green colors, you can choose by yourself. Continuous film sealing machines finish continuous carrying, sealing and printing in one operation.The machine can be equiped with stripe wheel and flattening wheel, You can also replace the type to what you need. Different effects have different combinations.

Notice: This machine is standard with printing wheel.   If need stripe wheel and flattening wheel need to buy additional.


1.The sealing speed and the conveyor speed can be adjustable, with Chinese language button, double anti leakage, so that you operate more safely.

2.It adopts electronic constant temperature mechanism and step-less speed regulating transmission motor.

3.High-quality electrical components,Panel operation is simple and easy to understand.

4.Conveying high efficiency ,high performance,heat resistance,low noise.

5.It has high-purity copper conducts heat faster ,heating evenly and quickly.

6.Feed inlet can be adjustable, select high quality materials, it’s solid and more wear-resistant .

7.The up down and front behind of conveying table can be adjustable , According to the actual demand for parameter adjustment, improve work efficiency.

8.Cooling faster more effective protect machine body, faster heating, heating more uniform, durable used.

This kind of seal machine is suitable for all kinds of bags with thickness of 0.08mm-0.8mm. The sealing width is 6-12mm, the sealing speed is 0-12m/min.

Sealing machine widely used in: food, pharmaceutical aquatic, chemical and electronics industries.

Band sealer machine can seal all kinds of bags:
Kraft paper, fresh keeping bag, tea bag, aluminum foil bag, shrink film, food packaging bag, etc.