automatic teabag filling and sealing machine, tea inner and outer bag packaging machine for herbal, tea

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 Model: TEA18 TEAA4
Inner bag size: L:50-100mm W:50-80mm L:40-80mm W:60-80mm
Outer bag size: L:80-130mm W:70-110mm L:80-140mm W:80-130mm
Packing speed: 35-60bags/min 40bags/min
Shape: Square Triangle
Dimension: 1200*90*1900mm 1500*1100*2300mm
Weight: 500kg 800kg


 Model: TEA11 TEA10 TEAN4
Bag length: 40-110mm
40-100mm 40-100mm
Bag width: 30-80mm 40-75mm 40-90mm
Packing speed: 40-80bags/min 40-60bags/min 30-60bags/min
Shape: Square Square Triangle
Dimension: 600*790*1780mm 640*1100*1850mm 1300*1000*2170mm
Weight: 320kg 350kg 500kg
Specification: With label and string With string With label and string