A3DP-88A semi-automatic pneumatic packing machine perfume box (Adjustable model)

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Model:  A3DP-88A
Packaging size range:  220*140*40-110mm or 30-100mm
Speed:  up to 20 times/min
Net Weight:  40kg 
Voltage:  220v 50~60hz
Power: 1.5kw
Automatic grade Automatic
Packing dimension 94*64*29cm 

The A3DP-88A adopts a new packaging method and adds adjustable functions, which is more versatile than the A3DP-88/3DP-88.
By adjusting the structure of the machine, the effect of adjusting the size according to the packaging object can be achieved, and the folding film of different products can be realized without changing the mold, and the operation is simple and fast. Meet the needs of customers who need to pack products of different sizes.

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