TDP-1 Mini Desktop Electric Turbine Single punching tablet powder tableting machine

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  • Explanation of shipping method:
    By default, the machine will be divided into two parts and shipped by express. The consignee needs to install it after receiving the goods. You can contact us to get the assembly video.
  • Default Mold (ø6mm x1~6mm/ø0.23" x0.04~0.23")
  • If you need customized molds, please contact Email: OR Whatsapp: +86 15382582660

      Product parameters

      Product Model TDP-1 THDP-5
      Max. Pressure(kn) 15KN 0-50KN(Adjustable)
      Max. Tablet Dlameter(mm) 12mm/0.47" 5-18mm/1.96-7.08"(Change mold)
      Max. Filling Depth(mm) 12mm/0.47" 0-18mm/7.08"(Adjustable)
      Max. Tablet thickness(mm) 6mm/0.24" 0-7mm/2.75"(Adjustable)
      Capacity(pcs/h) 4000/H 4200/H
      Weight(kg) 55kg 85kg
      Dimension(mm) 700*370*800 500*430*670
      Motor Power(w) 750 750

      Additional explanation

      In order to facilitate transportation, let the tablet press pass through customs as soon as possible to reduce transportation time. We will disassemble the machine into two parts and ship by express. To ensure that the goods can reach the delivery address smoothly, we will provide assembly videos to facilitate self-assembly after arrival.